Volunteer Events


Planning Committee: You will help recruit, fundraise, promote, plan and implement the plan to produce a successful fundraising event. This includes attending regular committee meetings, helping promote the walk and sign people up at festivals, bars, networking event, etc. You can also help with the “look and feel” for the day of the walk – including stage design, speakers, entertainment, Cedar St. experience, and so on.  *no longer available

Start a Team: Get a group of your friends, co-workers, neighbors and club buddies to put together a team to raise money and walk the first Saturday in May. You don’t have to raise any funds to participate but remember this is a fundraiser and it is RAIN’s largest event. There are tools to make you and the team successful including team captain and fundraising 101 toolkits.

Set-Up/Breakdown: You will be assisting the walk committee, RAIN staff and board with unloading and loading the truck of supplies, setting up tables, putting the community gallery together, setting up and breaking down Visualize AIDS – a timeline, etc. All are welcome to help – the more hands, the faster it gets done.

Registration: You will be checking in walkers that have registered online and taking any additional monies they have raised and need to turn in. You will also be registering individuals that decided to work offline and collect donations such as checks and cash. There will be an orientation/training the morning of the walk.

T-Shirts: You will be working with the registration volunteers handing them t-shirts for those participants that raised a minimum of $25.

Route Guides: You will be guiding and cheering walkers along the walk route while holding specialized signs with information ranging from HIV statistics to RAIN facts, and assisting CMPD. Each location will have at least two volunteers – it’s always more fun to cheer people on when you have a buddy, so sign up as a group!

Human Arrows: You will be assisting in directing participants and other volunteers to the parking garage, the venue, and to the registration/check-in tables. Being one of the first points of contact for many of the walkers, remember to smile and show them love!

Stage Support & Assistance: You will be stationed up at the staging area to assist the emcees with their needs, offer support to the sound tech and DJ and help with the morning program (hand awards to announcer, make sure event stays on track with time, etc.).

AIDS Walk Office Work (Months prior to event)

Mailings & Phone Calls: You will help mail out letters and make phone calls to donors and walkers in the months leading up to the AIDS Walk. More information and specific dates/times will be given closer to the event.

Neighborhood Blitz: You will be given a set of posters and advertisements to hang up in specific areas. We are also looking for volunteers who would like to hand out materials in their own neighborhoods to help promote the event.


GAY BINGO CHARLOTTE (November 9th, 2019)

BVD: You will help make sure the entertainment happens – you are one of the stars of the show (BVD means Bingo Verifying Diva). You will be dressed in “drag” and will be responsible for your own costumes, wig and heels (RAIN will provide the make-up and professionals to apply it) along with attending weekly practices where different dance routines will be learned. During the night of the event (in between the dance routine/numbers) you will walk through the crowd and interact with them, sell raffle tickets and most importantly verify a bingo when it is called (hence your name).

Pre-Event Prepping: You will help with stapling bingo sheets, separating raffle tickets and picking up raffle prizes from our sponsors. You can volunteer for all of these opportunities or you can pick and choose which work in your schedule.

Shifts: (choose either or both- you can still attend the event & volunteer elsewhere after)
Set-Up Volunteers: 10:00am-2:00pm
Set-Up Volunteers: 2:00pm-5:00pm

Breakdown: You will help breakdown all the tables and chairs, placing them to the side of the facility. You will also help breakdown the set and load up the U-Haul. You can volunteer for this if you are attending the event or volunteering at a different opportunity.

Raffle Sales: (approx. 5:00pm-9:30pm) You will be selling raffle tickets throughout the evening of the event to attendees for prizes that are drawn between games. There will be two different tickets that will be sold ($5 raffle prizes and $1 raffle prizes). You must be organized, out-going, friendly, good with money, and able to work with others.

Check-In/Ticket Takers: (approx. 5:00pm-8:00pm) You will be processing everyone’s tickets via the TicketLeap app. Tickets will be processed by scanning their ticket that they have printed or have on their phone and then putting a wristband on them so that we know who has been confirmed to enter and who is trying to be sneaky, lol. You must be friendly, confident, and able to stay cool under pressure.

Reserved Tables: (approx. 5:00pm-8:00pm) You will be assisting those people that purchased a reserved table by escorting them to their assigned table. You will have a master list of those that purchased the table, if they named their table and a map of where it is on the floor. You must be assertive, friendly and out-going.

Stage Assistance: (approx. 5:00pm-10:00pm) You will be assisting our stage manager with making sure the BVDs are ready for their numbers, they have any props they need (including grabbing the props after the numbers), curtain calls, lighting, prop moves, etc. You must be able to work with others.




RAIN PRIDE BOOTH & PARADE VOLUNTEERS (August 17th & 18th, 2019)


We are looking for volunteers to join the RAIN staff and help hand out swag, stickers, sell t-shirts and talk about the agency. Every shift will have at least one staff member onsite and we are looking for volunteer to assist the staff member for a 2 ½ hour shift (of course if you want to do more than one shift we are happy to have you). We will give volunteers a RAIN t-shirt to wear during your shift (that you can keep) and we will have water onsite to keep everyone hydrated.

Saturday, August 17th

12:30 – 3:00 PM

3:00 – 5:30 PM

5:30 – 8:00 PM

Sunday, August 18th

12:00 – 2:30 PM

2:30 – 5:00 PM

5:00 – 7:30 PM


We are asking volunteers to join us on Sunday, August 18th to walk with us in the Pride Parade. Volunteers will possibly be holding a large plastic crayon sign with a service, RAIN banner or umbrella. You will be walking in the parade (our float is a pickup truck decorated and no opportunity to sit on the truck). We would need you to arrive between 11 AM and 12 PM – we won’t know the exact time until we get closer to the date. Like the booth, we will give you a t-shirt to wear during the parade that you will be able to keep.

Volunteer Administrative


You will work in the RAIN office at the front desk greeting and assisting clients. We are looking for volunteers to work one day a week (Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm) for anywhere from 1 to 8 hours (with a lunch break, if applicable). Our schedule is extremely flexible! Click here for a list of available time slots. The available times change regularly as volunteers’ schedule change so please check back if there is a time you want that is not available.

Volunteer Social Media


Positive Change is RAIN’s social media ambassadors and is an online community of supporters who mix our messages onto their social media platforms. In turn, your name and social media platforms will be featured on our social media ambassador page.

Social media ambassadors are critical to helping RAIN expand our awareness of HIV, break down social stigma and help spread our message of compassion and care for those not only living with HIV but those that are at risk. Show the world that you’re making a positive change! Join RAIN’s Social Media Ambassadors Program today!

Join the ranks

Volunteer Goods/Services


There are lots of different ways to support RAIN clients. Below is a list of the goods and/or services that are most needed by our clients at this current time. If you are considering donating, please contact Jacki O’Dierno at j.odierno@carolinarain.org with a list of the goods and/or services you are offering. We have limited space and capacity and want to make sure we are making the most of your generosity.