Support Groups

Adult Support Group

RAIN’s Adult Support Group is a co-ed group that is open to the community but only for people living with HIV (and 25 years old and older). The group covers topics such as disclosure, nutrition, legal assistance, medication/medical appointment compliance, HIV education, dating, aging with HIV, and other chronic illnesses. From time to time, pharmaceutical representatives present clinical information about the latest research in advancements and treatment.

The group generally meets twice a month on Thursdays, except on weeks with holidays.

Please click the link below for the adult support group calendar. The dates of support group are subject to change, so please call Darlena Blackwell to confirm before attending. 

For information and meeting dates:
Darlena Blackwell, MA, M.Ed Medical Case Manager
p: 704-973-9808


Youth Support Group

RAIN’s youth support group is connected with the Empowering Positive Youth (EPY) program and is a closed group. All attendees are clients of the EPY program.

Laurenzo Surrell-Page EPY Peer Navigator
p: 704-973-9813