Our Supporters

This page is comprised of RAIN supporters, closest friends, and leaders within our community. Their continued encouragement makes it possible for RAIN to achieve greater results and move farther as we strive to overcome prejudice and stigma.

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RAIN Society Members

Amy Brooks
Joyce Brooks
Layton Campbell
Tim Chambers
Gregory Conner
Charles Dickerson
Robert Dogens
Idalia Dorta
Alyre Efird
Chris Gabriel
Richard Gibbons
Gloria Gibson
Michael Green
Tracy Gregg
Bobbie Jo Hille
Sheri Hirshman
Barbara Huffman
Michael Janik
Louis Kemp
Eric Kimble
Wilhelmenia King
Wendy Laxton
Patrick Lee
Ian Leonard
Shannon Levister
Mark McCauley
Shawn McMaster
Janet Miller
Barry Metzger
Brad Platt
Lee Robertson
William Robinson
Cassio Ross
Ted Seman
Greg Shakelford
Denise Shropshire
Nathan Smith
Ralph Truman
Debbie Warren
Michael Weitzel
Edwin Wilson
Miller Winecoff
Michael Wofford
Tracey Wopperer
Margaret Yaeger
Jane Zatz

RAIN Young Affiliate Members

John Coudriet
Hillary Samagaio
Lauren Shaw-Selles
Nichelle Sublett
Robert Touchstone


Legacy Circle Members

Julia Carroll & Lianne Biggers
Neal Crites
Keith Holcomb
Walt Kearns & Tim Bice
Brad Platt & Steve Crook